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Website Design

If you’ve done any marketing research lately, you’ve come to realize that the majority of people are turning to the Internet to advertise their business. Why? You may ask. Think about this… If you want to find a business that sells windows, for example. How do you go about finding out what your options are? 95% of you will probably say “Google”. The Internet is where people go to nowadays for quick information. Why thumb through a phone book when you have all you need on your phone or computer? Having a website doesn’t mean that you’ll get all the jobs in your area (there’s other people doing the same thing), but it does mean that you have a 0% chance of getting the jobs from the people looking online if your website isn’t there to say “Here I am… This is what I can do for you!”

Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting

Domain Name. Web Hosting. SEO. There are so many terms out there it can be a full time job just figuring out what they all mean! Here’s the good part… You don’t have to rack your brain trying to get it all straight. We have you covered! We do it all for you. We’ll get you a domain name (your “”) of your choice (if it’s available) and register it for you. If you get us to build your website for you we’ll take care of setting up the web hosting (arranging to have your website stored on a server so people can access it) for you too.  All you need to do is tell us what you want and we’ll take it from there.

Custom Email Addresses

Nowadays most of us have email. We have a personal email address (usually a free email address from Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo…) and then we have our work emails, often times in the form of This gives the business a ‘professional’ look and feel and puts you in charge of your email. We have different email options available, starting with standard email packages through your web hosting plan, as well as options to have your own domain name email  through Google Apps, or Office 365. Email through Gmail or Office 365 offers options like syncing your contacts or calenders with your other employees or co-workers.

Why Use QuinTech Solutions?

By using QuinTech Solutions for your Website and marketing projects, you’re getting:

1.  A great product

2.  A great price

3.  Amazing Customer Service

4.  Supporting and feeding the needy in Winnipeg!*

      *A portion of all proceeds is used to support the work of Siloam Mission in Winnipeg, MB.*