Website Creation Process

So you know you need a website and understand the benefits of having an on-line presence… now what? Where do you begin? Here is our general order of operations.

1. Read our Terms and Conditions

2. Choose which option(s) you want included on your site. View options.

3. Decide on a general style, what you want on your site, what you want it to look like. Make notes. Write down questions you have. Fill out THIS FORM to help you get your ideas on paper.

4. Contact QuinTech Solutions with your ideas and we’ll discuss your options and get an estimate for you.

5. Make a deposit on your project. Work will begin on your site shortly after (or at the approximate time given if we are booked.)

6. We will give you a temporary website address so you can view our design progress and make suggestions.

7. Design Approval. Once you’re happy with how your website looks, we can move on to the next step.

8. Adding Content. At this stage we will populate the website with your text, photos or whatever information you wish to have on your site. We recommend you have this information ready by the time we get to this stage so that there will be no delays in launching your website.

9. Final Approval. You will be given one more opportunity to go over the new website before we launch it and make it available for the public.

10. Final Invoice will be sent and website will be launched.