Domain Name

This is your “.com” name on the internet. It needs to be registered with a domain registrar. I can not guarantee specific name availability, but will do whatever I can to secure you a suitable name, preferably Standard domain names can be purchased for around $15-$25 per year. I will handle this process and do the purchasing and set up on your behalf. This setup is included in the website design fee.

Web Hosting

Web sites are a series of web pages that need to be accessed by the public. In order to have the website visible to the public, it needs to be stored on a server connected to the internet. There are many different companies that offer this service, each with their own plans and pricing. A hosting plan/package needs to be purchased for each website and can be purchased for up to 10 years in advance. In most cases, a longer term results in lower annual fees. I will select a plan suitable for your website and get all the details squared away. This setup is included in the website design fee.


Website Maintenance refers to the ongoing process of keeping the website up and running smoothly and efficiently. This includes a number of things like keeping the WordPress Platform and Plugin’s up to date and secure. Making changes to the back-end to enhance site performance. Tweaking Cache settings to speed up the website. Doing regular tests to make sure there is no downtime… etc.

WordPress CMS

WordPress is a very popular Content Management System (CMS) that is used to power around 23% of all websites worldwide. It is extremely flexible and can grow with your website and needs. By using this platform to build your website, you will have the option to log into the back end of the website and make changes to the content whenever you want to. Adding pictures, changing or adding text or even more elaborate changes can be done by you if you are comfortable with it.  However, if this is not something that you wish to do, I can certainly make any changes that you want after the website is live. This may result in additional fees, depending on the changes requested. I wouldn’t charge to change a typo or add a picture every now and then, but bigger changes would be subject to an hourly fee.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design refers to a website’s ability to “respond” to the size of a screen. The way a website is laid out on a computer screen, for example, would not be suitable for comfortable viewing on a smart phone. By creating a website that is responsive, it will automatically adjust to the size of the screen it is viewed on. Up to 80% of websites are being viewed on mobile devices, so you want your website to look good for these potential customers as well as the people browsing your site on a mobile device.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of optimizing the website and the content so that it ranks higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. This is an ongoing process that involves analyzing data and making adjustments to the website based on the collected data. The website design fee includes basic SEO which involves submitting the website to the major search engines and making sure your website comes up in Google. I have no control over the ranking that Google puts on your website, but can offer suggestions that will make your site rank higher in the search results.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the process of digitally creating content to be used in the website. This includes creating/digitizing logos, creating color samples, altering photos… etc. Basic things like re-sizing images are not subject to additional fees. Only things that are extremely time consuming will incur additional charges.