Northland Sheds

The project for Northland Sheds was a rather interesting one. Their original site was built as a static HTML based website  just like thousands of other sites on the web. A lot of the features were hard to update and needed to be done on a certain computer, with a specific software, and then the new files needed to be uploaded to replace the existing. This could be very time consuming and not very practical, especially for changes as simple as adding a testimonial. The solution was simple…

1. Build a new website using a CMS (content management system) so that it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.
2. Use plugins to automate the tedious tasks of updating certain things (like testimonials).

Sounds simple… right? Not quite. There were a few other things to consider. The owner really liked the look, simplicity, and overall feel of the old website and wasn’t keen on changing “what worked”. However, the old website was showing it’s age, wasn’t responsive, and could be improved dramatically by adding modern touches and features. Keeping the owners wishing in mind we set forth to re-create the old website as best as we could using a CMS, plugin’s for some features like Testimonials and Photo Galleries, a contact form that combined 2-3 of the old ones into one and so on. We ended up with a new website that looked very much like the old one, but was much more functional and easy to use and manage.

Visit the website here 



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May 2, 2015

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